Welcome to the Pediatric Center of Mid-Michigan

The Pediatric Center of Mid-Michigan offers a range of medical, psychological and educational services in one location for children with autism and other neurodevelopmental disabilities.

A collaboration between Midland County ESA, MidMichigan Health, Community Mental Health, and Central Michigan University.

Cost Savings to School Districts

Reduced need for ASD met teams supported by locals: CMU, ESA and CMH will collaboratively conduct initial and on-going assessments reducing duplication of services, missed appointment, reducing need for LEA METS, and creating one entry point.

Improved Compliance with State and Federal Regulations

Meets the requirements and asks of the Michigan autism state plan.
Pooling of resources allows state agencies to successfully address critical shortage of staff in the area of BCBA’s and ASD professional staff in general.

Benefits to Individuals & Families

Families in need of services will have local access to services from birth – adulthood.
Local services keeps the financial revenue in our community and eliminates transportation burdens for families.

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