Cost Savings to School Districts

Reduced need for ASD met teams supported by locals: CMU, ESA and CMH will collaboratively conduct initial and on-going assessments reducing duplication of services, missed appointment, reducing need for LEA METS, and creating one entry point.

Pediatric center staff will provide on site support and training with support staff from MCESA, CMU, CMH = less need for paraprofessional support and less 1:1 paraprofessional support for a child’s entire k-12 experience.

Pediatric center will provide coursework for BCBA’s (aba behavioral technicians). Roughly 20 BCBAs can do the work of 50 paraprofessionals .

Pooling of professional resources at the Pediatric center reduces costs for all agencies including educational, medical and community based.

Reduced lea met teams = decreased demand on lea special education staff: cost to lea for one asd met on average = $1,120.00. Average time to complete = 20 professional staff hours.

Access to the Pediatric center is not geographically defined.  Pediatric educational and training staff will support regional lea’s and isd’s through building level team support, job embedded training and virtual learning.  This training has the potential for bringing money into our county via costs billed to regional districts for this pd.

Improved adult outcomes = kids exiting education before age 26.

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