Our Mission

Mission Statement:

The Pediatric Center of Mid-Michigan offers a multi-agency model for provision of medical, psychological and educational services in one location for children with autism and other neurodevelopmental disabilities.

Professionals from different disciplines and agencies will diagnose, develop a plan of treatment and deliver follow-up care to implement the treatment plan. Our services are family-centered, comprehensive and coordinated. From diagnosis to ongoing treatment, the Pediatric Center of Mid-Michigan helps families navigate their child’s educational, medical, and community needs all in one location.


  • Improved outcomes for children: time spent actively engaged in inclusive environments within school and community, accelerated achievement of goals, increased independence across environments
  • Improved parent navigation of services: create one entry point to all agencies, eliminate need to travel, eliminate need for parent to case manage, decreased parent stress level.
  • Improved agency efficiency for all partners: reduce duplication of service and increase sharing of resources.
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